Blueprint41 Graph Modeller

Graph Schema Modeller

Visually model your graph database, enable the business to view, understand and give feedback about the model. Improve the quality of your model...


An Object Graph Mapper for CSharp and Neo4j

Map your graph to objects, enjoy the benefits of type safety and intellisense, refactor your data/ database directly from C#...

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Why should I use Blueprint41 Graph Modeller?

Graph Modeller

A graph schema editor that allows you to design and document a graph databases. It can:

  • Model the entities, its properties, their type and indexing
  • Model the relations and their multiplicity
  • Record static data / node record instances
  • Generate code based on the model
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Why should I use Blueprint41?


  • It will map your graph to objects, just like an ORM
  • No need for any hard coded magic strings, full type safety and full intellisense
  • Refactor your data/database directly from C# without using Cypher queries
  • Write your data model only once, and let Blueprint41 keep your data objects and database content in sync
  • Support for CRUD manipulations and optimized queries for reading (CQRS)
  • Out of the box support for event handling
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Blueprin41 Graph Modeller

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